a winning multidisciplinary approach

coming from long-time experience.

Creativity and competence

high degree of creativity in conceiving and problem solving, that leads to original winning solutions

HW & FW/SW development

whole hardware and firmware/software development, not only dealing with low power mixed signal (analog and digital), but also with power electronics (high current and high voltage).

Realtime management

C/C++ microcontroller realtime firmware development from scratch.

Open-source, Linux

hacking and developement of open-source software running on embedded Linux, with ability to mix open-source with closed-source to speed up development while keeping your intellectual investment protected.

Responsive WEB interfaces

hacking and development of fast responsive HTML/CSS PHP/MySQL client/server web interfaces applications with an high security degree

Projects in focus

Do you like this website?

Aiming to build a responsive website, with an high degree of security and outstanding fast loading, instead to rely in a resource consuming and security problematic server-side CMS, like Joomla and Wordpress, we opted to design it using Bootstrap, Ajax and Jquery, thus minimizing server-side PHP scripting

Our team


Master Degree in Electronic Engineer

Member A828 of the Order of the Engineer in the Province of Monza and Brianza
"New technologies let me give a body and a pulsing heart to ideas"


Junior programmer

"I'm full of enthusiasm in learning new things and facing with compelling new challenges"


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